Zero Waste Spot

Welcome to Zero Waste Spot

Zero Waste Spot is an interactive map of zero waste shopping options across Aotearoa New Zealand, researched and maintained by The Rubbish Trip, and kindly hosted and designed by Eco Spot and the team at Sugarcube Studios!

Use the search bar to browse for shopping options by category or simply zoom into your hometown and have a look around at what’s on offer!

To view this information in a text guide format for your local area (including additional information about local waste-busting community groups and services), check the Regional Zero Waste Guides on The Rubbish Trip website.

Suggesting markers: We’re still uploading our Regional Zero Waste Guides on to this map, so your town or city may not be on here yet! For areas not yet on the map, please check the relevant regional guide on The Rubbish Trip website before suggesting markers. If the place you’re thinking of is listed, that means we know about it already; if it’s not on the regional guide, leave us a comment on The Rubbish Trip website!

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